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Connecting Your Website Source

By analyzing your sources, Booshaka helps identify the level of engagement of your current customers.  In this case, Booshaka will analyze the activity of your website visitors.


1. To add your website, click Add Source.  **NOTE: Please have pop-ups enabled and please login to your Facebook business page in another window.  


If this is your first source that you are connecting, the screen and Add Source button will look like this:


2. Choose Website 


3. If you haven't already connected your ad account, you'll see these permissions.  Click Okay for both.


4. Also, if you haven't already connected your ad account, you'll be prompted to do it now.  If you have multiple ad accounts, please choose the one that is connected with the business Facebook page you are connecting to Booshaka. 


5. Here are more terms that may appear depending on if you have accepted them or not at some point in the past.  To accept them now, please actually click on the links.  The first is to be able to create custom audiences (such as from your email lists).  The second is to create website custom audiences (people who visit your website).  


6. If you have not already installed the custom audience pixel on your website, you will see "Pixel Not Installed."  Click on that link.  You can skip this step and step 7 if you have already installed the pixel.  Please make sure the pixel is on every page of your site.  


7. The code that pops up needs to be placed between the <head></head> tags in all pages on your website.  You can send it to your developer to do it as well.  This is the pixel help page:


8. Allow up to 24 hours to sync.  You can click Add Source to add another source or click on an already added source (next to the Add Source button) to see its Audience Manager Funnel. 

After you've connected your sources successfully to Booshaka, you'll be ready to create campaigns that target the smart audiences created in the audience manager funnel to meet your objectives, such as increasing page engagement and page likes, driving more website views and conversions, or driving more video views.  All the instructions to do this can be found at:


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