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Creating a Pixel

1. Log into the Facebook Ads Manager.  You can do this by logging into Facebook and then navigating to:

2. Click on Conversion Tracking.  


3. Click on Create Pixel (upper righthand corner)


4. Select the type of the pixel.  Choose Checkouts to track conversions on your confirmation page.  


5. Name the pixel.  Try to be as specific as possible (e.g. Jewelry Purchase)

6. Click Create Pixel.  You'll get this code snippet.  Copy it and place it between the <head></head> tags on the confirmation page that you want to track.  

Replace the 0.00 with the variable name that stores the order value so that the order value can be tracked and used in reporting.   

 7. Download the Facebook Pixel Helper to check if it is installed properly.  If it is installed properly, the pixel helper will indicate this with a number by it representing how many pixels it found on the page you are currently viewing.  

Download the Pixel Helper here:


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