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Managed Services - Facebook Business Account

If you have a Facebook business account at, this guide will show you how to give Booshaka editor permissions and Ad Account Advertiser status. 

***If you do not have a business account, scroll down to the middle of this article first to create one - Create a Business Account.  Then return here to finish the process of sharing permission. 


1. Login in at  The homepage should look like this.  Click on Settings.

2. Click on People and then Add New Person

3. Enter the email and select the admin role.  Then click Add People. 

4. Choose the page in question and choose Page Editor.  Then choose Next. 

5. Choose page in question and choose Ad Account Advertiser.  Press Next.  




Create a Business Account

1. Go to and login using your Facebook credentials that are used for your Facebook product page and select NEXT.

2. Fill these 3 questions out.


3. Enter name of company and choose your Facebook product page in the next step.


4. Enter your name and your business email twice.


5. You can select Open Guide.


6. Click on Settings.


7. Click on Ad Accounts.


8. Click on Add New Ad Account.


9.  Choose to claim your ad account.


If you do not have your ad account number, the best way to get it would be to visit:  If you have more than one ad account, please choose the correct one.  If you have more than one ad account number and you are unsure which to choose, please reach out to your success representative.     

Now you are ready to scroll back to the top of this document to finish the permissions process.



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