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How Booshaka Helps You Target the Right Audience


Booshaka Helps You Advertise on Social Media

Social media advertising is a major force in the industry. Search advertising is intuitive - if you are selling red boots and someone searches for red boots, you show them a red boots ad. But social media advertising focuses on targeting the correct audiences to deliver your ads to. But how do you know which audiences to target? This is where Booshaka comes in.


Seamless Data Connection

Booshaka leverages your customer data so that you can target the right people on Facebook and Twitter.  Booshaka analyzes the activity of your website visitors, your Shopify customers, your ExactTarget customers, and your Magento customers.  There is no need to import a file of your customer data - Booshaka retrieves this data automatically when you connect one or more of these sources to Booshaka.  Just connect your source and you’re all set.  Booshaka does all the work.        


Booshaka Creates Smart Audiences to Target

Once your customer data source is connected, Booshaka surfaces opportunities for you to acquire more customers, grow more business with the customers you already have, and retain the customers who might be slipping away.  

A source is what your customers directly interact with. This can be your Facebook page (typically called your brand), your website, your Mailchimp email list, your e-commerce customers, etc. Right now, we'll focus on your website as the only source to explain how Booshaka analyzes your website visitors' level of engagement. Booshaka analyzes your website visitors and groups them into audiences based on their level of engagement.

Behind the scenes, Booshaka tracks all of the engagement that takes place on your brand's website and groups users into four actionable audiences. "Actives" are people that have engaged with your content in the last 28 days. Those who have engaged with your brand in the last 56 days, but not the last 28 have been labeled "At-Risk".  And vistors of your website who have not interacted with your content in the last 56 days are identified as "Dormant" and will very rarely be included in your organic reach.  The "Prospects" are those that share similar characteristics to your "Actives" so that there is a higher likelihood of converting them to customers if you target them.


Booshaka's Smart Audiences - When You Have More Than One Source Connected
Depending on the sources you've added, you could have different default smart audiences.  For example, if you've connected MailChimp, Facebook, and Website, and your objective is to get more  "Website Clicks", Booshaka would automatically generate default smart audiences.  
Some of these audiences surface retention opportunities (Website Dormants, Website At-Risks, Website Actives) while some of these audiences surface growth opportunities (Website Visitors Lookalikes, Facebook Likers who have not Visited Your Website, MailChimp Subscribers who have not Visited Your Website).  
To see the specific targeting of each audience, you can hover over the tooltip to the left of the audience name to see not only the description of the audience, but also the connections, the included custom audiences, the age range, the target locations, and specific interests.  


Booshaka Continuously Syncs Data

Not only does Booshaka process every interaction that takes place in your source and create actionable audiences, but these audiences are updated continuously as your users' level of engagement change.  There is no need for you to worry if your data is stale.  You can be assured that you are always targeting the most optimized audiences on Facebook or Twitter.  


Booshaka Makes It Easy Build an Ad Campaign Using These Audiences

Once you have identified your objective, and Booshaka has created your smart audiences, all that is left is to create ad campaigns to target those audiences on a social media platform, like Facebook or Twitter (The Twitter functionality is coming soon).

For example, if your objective is to grow your Facebook fans, you most likely would like to target customers that share similar characteristics as your most active customers. This means that you will want to create a campaign using the "Prospects" audience.


Tracking Results

The best part of Booshaka is that it shows you the results of your campaigns clearly.  This way, you see just how effective Booshaka is in helping you to meet your objectives.  Read the section titled: Using Booshaka's Smart Audiences in your Ad Campaign and you can begin making campaigns to target better, more optimized audiences created by Booshaka.  


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