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Connecting Your Magento Source

By analyzing your sources, Booshaka helps identify the level of engagement of your current customers.  In this case, Booshaka will analyze the activity of your Magento customers and create smart audiences for you to target with ads.


To connect your Magento account to Booshaka, you will need the following information:
     - Host Name: The fully-qualified public DNS name of your Magento host. (For example:
     - User Name and API Key: You will need to provide a user name and API key for Booshaka to access your Magento store.  Instructions for creating these are provided below.
      - Creation Date (MM/DD/YYYY): The date when your web store launched. If you are not sure when your store launched, then please estimate the date. For example, if you know you launched in April 2014, then just enter the 1st of April: 04/01/2014.  If you imported customers, then use the date of the approximate earliest order for a customer.
In the Magento Admin Panel, please follow these steps:​
1. Create a Web Services role in your Admin Panel.  

From the Dashboard -> System -> Web Services -> Roles


Click on Add New Role (upper right).  Name it booshaka-role


2. Select Role Resources.  Check the boxes seen here.


3. Create a User in the Admin Panel

From the Dashboard -> System -> Web Services -> Users


Click on Add New User (upper right):


  • Username: You can choose any name.  We recommend Booshaka
  • API Key:  Choose any secure password for this


Click on User Role and assign the role you created in Step 1.  Click Save User (upper right). 


Entering these credentials in Booshaka:

1. From the Audience Manager screen, click on "Add Source."  


If this is the first source that you are adding, the screen and Add Source button will look like this:


 2. Select Magento: 


3. Now you will be asked to enter the Host Name, User Name, API Key, and the Creation Date.  


After you've connected your sources successfully to Booshaka, you'll be ready to create campaigns that target the smart audiences created in the audience manager funnel to meet your objectives, such as increasing page engagement and page likes, driving more website views and conversions, or driving more video views.  All the instructions to do this can be found at:


If this was the first source you connected, you can now connect your Facebook ad account.  Please see:


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