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Connecting Your ExactTarget Source

By analyzing your sources, Booshaka helps identify the level of engagement of your current customers.  In this case, Booshaka will analyze the activity of your ExactTarget customers and create smart audiences for you to target with ads.

To connect your ExactTarget account to Booshaka, please follow these steps to create an app to obtain a Client ID, Client Secret and Authentication Target:

1. Create an App Center account by entering a username, email address, and password. Your password must include a lowercase, uppercase, number, and special character.


 2. Go to the App Center Login screen and enter your new username and password credentials. 


 3. After logging in, submit the requested information to complete the registration. ​


4. After completing the registration, accept the end user license agreement. ​


5. In the App Center, select the "API Integration" template. ​


6. On the Define screen, enter a name, description, and package name for your app. The names you create are not important so feel free to label however you'd like.


7. On the Integrate screen, select the "Production ExactTarget" Account type. ​


8. After clicking "Link Account", please login with your ExactTarget Market Cloud credentials (username, password). Please do not confuse this with your newly created App Center credentials.


9. On the Data Access screen, select the following permissions for READ data access:



10. On the Summary screen, ​click "Finish" to complete the wizard.


11. On the summary screen, you should see the Client ID, Client Secret and Authentication Target values to be used when connecting your ExactTarget account to Booshaka.


12. On the Audience Manager screen, click on "Add Source."


If this is the first source that you are adding, the screen and Add Source button will look like this:


13. Choose ExactTarget:


14.  Enter the credentials you just obtained here:


15.  Choose the lists you want to connect.  You can choose multiple lists.  After you are done, click on the area where it says "Choose Your ExactTarget Lists and Groups."  

Then choose the groups you would like to connect.  A group is a subset of subscribers taken from a list.  (If you don't have groups, that is fine.)  After you are done, click on the area where it says "Choose Your ExactTarget Lists and Groups" to close the drop-down menu.

Then click Enter.


*If the above fails to authenticate, you may need to add Booshaka's IP Address to ExactTarget.  Please click here.


After you've connected your sources successfully to Booshaka, you'll be ready to create campaigns that target the smart audiences created in the audience manager funnel to meet your objectives, such as increasing page engagement and page likes, driving more website views and conversions, or driving more video views.  All the instructions to do this can be found at:


If this was the first source you connected, you can now connect your Facebook ad account.  Please see:


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