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Adding Booshaka's IP Address to ExactTarget

1. Log in to the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Dashboard.

2. Select the Administration option from the login dropdown in the upper right: 
3. Select the Security tab from the Administration page: 
4. Select Security Settings from the Security table and verify that “Restrict Logins by IP Address (IP Whitelisting)” is set to “Log Violations & Deny Access”: 

5. If the IP Whitelisting restrictions are turned on, got to the Security -> Login IP Whitelist menu:
6. Click on the Create button at the upper left and the following dialog appears: 

7. In the Start IP Address field and the End IP Address field enter the string “

8. Set “Booshaka API Calls” into the Description field 

9. Set the Login Source to “API Calls"

10. Click on the Save button in the upper left-hand side
To verify that the Booshaka Exact Target connector has been attempting a connection you can click on the “View Access Log” button at the top of the Login IP Whitelist page:
You should see entries that look like this: 

But, now that you have set the into the white list, you should not get anymore records in the log and your ExactTarget connector should be able to successfully be added to your brand in the Booshaka dashboard.
Click here to go back to adding your ExactTarget source.


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