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Why does the Audience Manager funnel say I have fewer Likes than I do?

The Audience Manager funnel is country specific.  For example, let's say you have 10,000 Likes and 3,000 are from the United Kingdom and 7,000 are from the US.  If the upper right country says United Kingdom, the funnel will be based off the 3,000 Likes.  If you click on the country and change it to the US, you should see the funnel that is based on the US data, and therefore it will show 7,000 Likes.  Or you could select both UK and US and the funnel would show 10,000 Likes.  The country might then say United Kingdom +1 more.    

To remove a country - click on the country name and when the countries appear, click the x to the right of the country to want to remove.  

Click Update to save the changes.  




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